Westwood PE Fun & Games

  9/21/2023 - 11/16/2023
  3:05 PM - 4:30 PM
  Westwood Elementary

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K-2. Let’s Keep Fitness Contagious! Calling all parents to bring in those littles for some extra PE fun!! Come and join me. PE Fun and games are for (K-2) Come and play game favorites! We will meet in the gym and start with a warm up game. Once everyone checks in, we will divide into two groups. We will have a competitive group and a noncompetitive group. The noncompetitive group will stay in the gym and play an extra game while the competitive group goes out for a pacing challenge out on the track. Those that want to compete, will learn about pacing and will have the chance to show off their pacing game by running as many laps as they can in a given time. After about 10 minutes, the pacing competitors will come back to the gym to play game favorites. At the end of our session, the top three runners from each grade level will be recognized as well as an overall champion. One year, we had a kindergartener that outran everyone! You never know!